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Esperantilo - text editor with particular Esperanto functions, spell and grammar checking and machine translation

If you are interested in Translation Memory software only see EsperantiloTM
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    Direktoj de tradukado
    Project blog (in Esperanto) Thanks to every REVO-uloj for a huge work and to everyone, who publishes Esperanto sources on the Internet. I thank also everyone who sends me interesting materials and comments this work.
    tekstoredaktilo por Esperanto


    Machine Translation

    I hope that the program will be suitable for some many peoples. Please write to me, if you have remarks. Read also the page "frequently questions"

    Spell Checking

    The spell checking bases on the REVO dictionary and a analysis of texts collection and other sources. The inside dictionary contains 8941 roots and 58259 derivations.

    Esperantilo works in two levels:

    It can get to know possible but not determined derivations (for example mal|bon|il|o) and mark them green and unknown roots, which are marked red. It is possible to add new roots or derivations from well-known roots. They are kept in files (~/.ee_radikoj.txt) in private format.

    It is possible to have proper ignore list with names or abbreviations, which is kept in a file (~/.ee_igor.txt) as normal word a list.

    You can use the spell checking in to two ways. You can firstly mark every unknown words with a button (Spell check text). You can secondly launch "spell checker corrector", which process only one word and makes possible to correct the word in the checking process.

    Lexical Functions

    "Esperantilo" contains browser for REVO-Lexicon.
    Motrileto por REVO-Leksikono
    There are also database with word frequency in phrases.
    Ofteco de vortoj en fazpartoj

    Grammar checker

    Esperantilo can also distinguish some grammar mistakes. Grammar analysis of text is very complex, so the program does not distinguish every possible grammar mistakes now or marks right sentences as false. The grammar checker works only for whole sentences. The program tries to find for each word grammar function in the sentence or phrase. Words without a function are treated as mistakes. It is possible that on miswritten word causes many error messages.

    The grammar checker is usable only in "corrector" function.

    The program can show syntax tree of a sentence. Select the sentence and push the button "Show Syntax Tree".
    See "Examples of a syntax analysis" for more informations.

    ekzemplo de sintaksarbo


    Multilingual dictionary

    "Esperantilo" contains also a multilingual dictionary. The word lists are compiled from REVO-dictionary, and other free sources, which I have found in Internet. You can use the dictionary in two ways. First in a particular window or direct in the editor. Place the cursor on unknown Esperanto a word (or select it) use and the function "Edit> Translate under a cursor" or type "Control-q". The program tries to translate the derivation directly, or the basic root, or morphemes.

    The search of Esperanto words is more effective than by common dictionaries."Esperantilo" gets to know, that there is not word in a basic form and can himself find a basic form. When the exact translation is not found the program tries to find the approximate translation or translate each morphemes.

    You can use the dictionary to translate throw Esperanto as pivot language
    denken - (trans: opinii) - zaopiniować
    denken - (trans: opinii) - uważać
    denken - (trans: opinii) - wypowiadać
    denken - (trans: opinii) - zapatrywać się
    denken - (trans: pensi) - myśleć
    denken - (trans: pensi) - mniemać

    multlingva vortaro You can also write a word in a national language (only a basic form) and translate it to Esperanto. Use for it the menu "edit->Translate word to Esperanto" or type short cut "Ctrl-Space".

    Machine Translation (automatic translation)

    "Esperantilo" can translate Esperanto text automatic or semi-automatic to Polish, German and English languages. Translation is done at a syntax level and one can customize the way of translation to own needs. The machine translation or a computer translation can translate edited text or directly HTML, XLIFF, OpenOffice or MS Word files. The translated text is marked in different colours according to a expected quality of the translation.
    Fonta teksto Tradukita teksto

    Semiautomatic translation

    Interaktvia Tradukado
    During semi-automatic or interactive translation the human translator can influence the translation during translation process. An Esperanto source text does not contain often the same quantity of a information as the target language. The translator can influence: One can use the interactive translation also only witch keyboard or only with mouse. Interactive translation is the experimental state now.

    Translation Memory

    Esperantilo supports a translation memory. Sentences, which was corrected during interactive translation are saved into translation memory. The translation memory can imported or exported into TMX format. The program supports following functions now:


    "Esperantilo" is free software according to "GNU Public License (open source)", see GNU Homepage or on wikipedia.
    last refresh 01.05.2006 You can download there word lists used in the program.

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